Time to freshen up your look? We offer a full range of trending & traditional cut & color services. This includes balayage, babylights, ombre, sombre, grey coverage, textured cuts, color corrections, and lived in color techniques.

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Where does the name come from?

Balayage is French for ‘to sweep or paint,’ and it gets its name because unlike traditional highlights where the hair is wrapped in foil, your stylist will take swatches of hair and paint it freehand with the colour before covering it in cellophane.

How is it done?

A bleach or lightening agent is usually used to achieve the effect. It’s applied on the surface of each section of hair but it’s not saturated through until the ends of the hair because the aim is a soft highlight at the root and a thicker highlight at the ends of the hair.

What does the end result look like?

Balayage gives the hair a natural sun-kissed look, which looks more casual because the highlights are fatter and less symmetrical than traditional highlights.

What is the best thing about balayage?

Because balayage doesn’t start at the crown of the head, and because of the more casual, less structured technique, it looks beautiful when it grows out and you won’t need loads of maintenance.



Where does the name come from?

Babylights are delicate highlights that are designed to create the natural sun kissed dimensional hair colour that small children have. Think subtle but beautiful.


After babylights

Your stylist separates the hair into very small, fine sections, then applies hair colour to the small groups of strands for more than an hour. Babylights are different from highlights because there’s only a small separation between the highlighted strands which means they blend in with the base colour and look amazingly natural.

What does the end result look like?

Think natural, classy, glamorous, and fresh looking colour.

What is the best thing about babylights?

They’re very low maintenance. Because the highlights are so fine, the hair that grows out appears softer, and there’s no obvious line between the highlighted and the natural hair. Maintenance is similar to any other highlighting system. If you have a full head it should be touched up every eight weeks and if you have randomly placed babylights, you should have them touched up every 12

Maintenance for babylights is similar to any highlighting system. A full head should be touched up every eight weeks and sporadic pieces can be touched up every 12-14 weeks.

Another big plus with babylights is that they can be applied to any hair colour or hair type, and they can be done in any shade to match your skin tone. This means that it’s not just blondes who get to have the fun, brunettes and redheads can experience the beautiful effect of babylights too.




Color Correction

What is a color correction?

Similar to the way that color-correction can cancel out and neutralize uneven pigments in your skin when it comes to makeup, a color-correction hair service works in a similar way.  It not only works to address uneven color, it also addresses if the hair becomes too light, dark, warm or cool.

Consider the concealer palette: a makeup artist’s lifeline. He or she use a peach concealer to color correct purple under eye circles, dark spots or bruises, similarly to the way your colorist could uses custom formulation to neutralize any unwanted tones in your hair .

How long does a color correction take?

How long hair color-correction takes varies, depending on the results you’re looking to achieve. “The law of color tells us for optimum [color-correction hair] results, we must have optimum condition of the [hair] fiber or as close as possible to that goal. A professional consultation is very important to determine if the goals are attainable.

The time needed to perform a color correction hair service varies due to the specific nature and current condition of each hair type, and additional visits may be required depending on how much you want to tone or color-correct the hair.

It's important to remember that color correction is a process. It can often take several appointments to achieve desired results, but remember to trust the expertise of your stylist. Be open and honest with your colorist about your budget and expectations so that they can strategize your service.

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